Owl Creek Farms is a veteran owned and operated farm established to provide work and provisions for veterans and individuals who are struggling.  We believe that Owl Creek Farms is a gift from God and is to be used to serve Him in the local community.

The Owl Creek Farms Foundation was created to ensure Christian values, morals, and character remain the driving force of the efforts of the enterprise.  With the responsibility to oversee all activities and in stewardship of God’s will, the foundation has an all-volunteer independent governance board, led by a female US Army Officer.  The purpose of the foundation is to provide a local worship center and raise funds for Christian activity.  Resources are raised through multiple avenues to fund youth and young adult programs, send individuals throughout the world to provide support to orphans and schools in underprivileged nations, and provide hope and hospitality for those seeking the Lord’s provision.  The facilities at the foundation are used by local churches and Christian fellowship groups for retreats, strategy and planning sessions, baptismal receptions, weddings, celebrations of life and funerals.  We open our arms and our doors in encouragement of small groups to conduct bible studies and worship gatherings.

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- Our Mission -
To share Christ through the beauty of His creation,
to demonstrate His cause in the service we provide,
and to share His love in the relationships we display.