Owl Creek Farms is created as a place where people can be served.  Veterans can find peace and direction in their lives, hungry people can find nourishment, and where God's love shines brightly for all to see.

Our intent for Owl Creek Farms is to display the love and happiness available to everyone who chooses to follow a life with Christ.


The farmhouse was built by veterans for a disabled veteran.  

2000 Pomegranate trees were planted, and are harvested annually.  Each fruit either has the arils extracted, is juiced, or is harvested and sold/ donated whole. 


The approximately 1,000 lavender plants adorning hillsides at the farm are cut and processed twice annually for their oils.

Our youngest crop, the blackberries bushes, are 500 strong.  They are processed to make delectable jams and jellies, as well as eaten in their natural glory.


Products such as jams, jellies, soaps, candles, and essential oils are made from our crops, providing value to those living and working on the property. 

In the future, vegetables will be grown in an aquaponic environment, providing a source of natural, healthy, sustainable food to eat and process.